4 Friends. 1 Sound

Pinebox Rebellion brings together four different musical histories and influences to create an eclectic sonic tapestry whose threads run through almost any genre.   This Vancouver Island based band love the rhythm and passion of rock n roll, which is at the heart of most of their repertoire, however, each player’s disparate and rich musical past elevates their songs beyond the familiar and forgettable, where funky rhythms buoy soulful melodies and scorching etherial guitars play between weighted words sung with heart. 


PBR’s song list explores every member’s interest and influences but not so far as to lose the originality and uniqueness of melding four passionate music lover’s varied tastes. In the same fated way these guys came together in the upstairs of a barn to make some noise and get out whatever creative juices they had sloshing about; PBR’s songs come together from a melding of rock, RnB, country, pop, punk and post rock tastes and sounds to create something that defies categorization.   Every song is unique, engaging, emotive, and worth a repeat listen. PBR’s stage show is lively, tight and captivating… and can get a bit loud. There’s no sense in talking during their set, it’s best to just get up and dance.